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Discussion 1   SHEENA LAIR Hello everyone, Muscle Milk, a brand of PepsiCo, conducted its most

Discussion 1



Hello everyone,

Muscle Milk, a brand of PepsiCo, conducted its most recent marketing campaign for a brand-new plant-based protein shake this past Spring, attaching to it an impressive roster of athletes. These endorsements include WNBA’s Candace Parker, MLB star Julio Rodriguez, and global soccer superstar Christian Pulisic. 
Muscle Milk Plant Protein is currently available on Amazon and other national retailers. The new range of plant-based protein beverages comes in two flavors, Chocolate and Caramel Vanilla, and each serving has 25–30 grams of protein. 
Marissa Pines, senior marketing director for Muscle Milk, stated (2024), “As a brand that appeals to active people of all backgrounds, our goal is to make our products feel accessible for everyone” (para. 3). 

1. Campaign phrase that depicts exclusivity, in this case, ‘Strength for it all.’ 
2. Utilizing big-name athletes or influencer  
3. Combine target audience: plant proteins, sports drinks, sports marketing 
4. Intentional launch date: International soccer season  

This campaign was successful for many reasons, ideally because of how the firm executed the campaign and disseminated information. Another notable observation was the message that supported the new product. 

To improve the campaign, I would provide free samples at local grocery stores for everyday consumers to try the products, which could lead to a new or more diverse target audience.

Sometimes global staples need to try new marketing initiatives. “A Recipe for Magic” is what world-renowned brand Coca-Cola is enticing the marketplace with (The Coca-Cola Company, 2024). A unique range of physical and digital experiences will be available to fans worldwide throughout 2024 as part of the global campaign honoring the soul-nourishing combo of a delectable dinner, a memorable moment spent with others, and an ice-cold Coca-Cola.

Throughout this campaign, the term “Foodmarks”  will be used to identify “food landmarks” inspired by culture and created with the real magic of CocaCola. As part of a unique collaboration, hundreds of Foodmarks will launch globally, which customers can explore on an interactive map. The foundation of every Foodmark encounter is an understanding that three essential components bring real magic: the perfect moment, the perfect meal, and an ice-cold CocaCola.

1. Utilizing in-person cultural experiences from different parts of the world to highlight the worldwide impact.
2. Influencers vary in demographics.
3. Curated series of documentary-style short films 

Coca-Cola ran a successful campaign because the company thoroughly researched its target market. It was compelling and appealed to people from all over the world. Combining food and landmarks worldwide was a bridge that connected diverse cultures.

I would improve on this campaign by emphasizing on the seasonal aspect of ‘the perfect moment, the perfect meal, and an ice-cold CocaCola’ worldwide.


The Coca-Cola Company. 2024, February. 
CocaCola Makes its ‘Foodmark’ in Year Two of ‘A Recipe for Magic’ Campaign. 


PepsiCo. 2024, March. 
Julio Rodríguez and Christian Pulisic join Candace Parker on Muscle Milk athlete roster, star in “Strength for it All” Campaign. 

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Discussion 1 – Holland C


Holland Carr

Discussion 1

            Considering the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, many consumers have adjusted their lifestyles to a health-conscience approach. While the market for energy drinks has been around for quite some time, the market for energy drinks has been considered mainstream. However, recent interest in health has led to the growth in the protein industry as well. Here at National Protein, we have developed a combination of the two. An energy drink with thirty grams of protein. Developing a quality product is only half the battle however, for this new product to be successful, we have to ensure that our marketing strategies reaches as many prospective customers as possible. To ensure maximum exposure, we have implemented the four p’s of marketing into our marketing initiative – product, price, place, and promotion (Gomez et al., 2023, Chapter 1).

Athlete Sponsorship

            National Protein has been producing high-quality, ready-to-go protein drinks for some time now. During a morning interaction with one of our employees, he mentioned that he mixed his protein with coffee and the idea was born. Many athletes supplement with protein, considering it is the key building block for muscle (Simpson, 2020). Since many athletes already utilize energy drinks and protein separately, our social media campaign will reach out to athletes and offer them a position to be a brand ambassador. This is beneficial, given the power of social media, if a consumer sees one of their favorite athletes drinking a National Protein Energy Drink, it will increase our exposure. This has already been done been many competitors, as well all remember seeing the Gatorade commercials. Offering a discount code for the athlete to give to prospective consumers will provide with numerical data on the traffic received from this promotion.

Gym Partnership

            Many gyms have protein drinks in the cooler when you walk in, usually at an exaggerated price. It is recommended to contact gyms and establish a time for us to come in and provide free samples to gym goers. It would also be beneficial to ensure that the drinks are in the cooler and available for purchase in the gym.


            To evaluate the success of each of these campaigns, we will monitor the sales made using various discount codes promotes by athletes. Also, we will have an analyst review the sales made at various gyms and determine the success of each marketing initiative individually. To improve each of these campaigns, we will strive to broaden our scope by conducting market research on which sport would have the largest prospective consumer base. The market research will examine more than just which sport has a larger following. Some sports have a large following of fans rather than practitioners. It is important to ensure the fan-base of the sport for our sponsored athlete consists of individuals who also want to train and are likely to purchase the product.




Gomez, M., Green, M., & Hoffman, L. (2023). Principles of Marketing. Openstax.

Simpson, S. J. (2020). The Power of Protein. 
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 112(1), 6-7. 

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